Bottle Shaker LAB.SHAKE

The Bottle Shaker LAB.SHAKE is an overhead turning device for glass and PET bottles of the beverage industry.

The LAB.SHK serves for sample preperation for the Laboratory CO2-Meter LAB.CO and guarantees that the CO2 content in the head space and in the liquid phase are balanced at the time of CO2 determination. The overhead turning movement with its assigned number and velocity makes it possible.

Before starting the device the bottle is placed and fi xed in the appropriate holder. For glass bottles a closed holder has been contructed to provide shatter protection in case of breaking glass.

By moisture-resistant capacitive keys the number of turns and the velocity can be adjusted and the device is started. Velocity and remaining turns are shown in a display.

The LAB.SHK stands out because of its very simple operation.



Power supply
230 VAC, 50 Hz

Mains adaptor
24 VDC, 2A

Power consumption
at max. engine rate: 50 W

Temperature range
+ 5 bis + 35 °C

Moisture range
10 – 90 % relative humidity

Excl. bottle holder: Height 370 x Width 320 x Depth 300 mm
Incl. bottle holder: Heightmax 500 x Width 320 x Depthmax 430 mm

6,1 kg

Protection class



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