Carbocontrol for mixers and manual carbonators

During production of carbonated softdrinks the beverage water or a premix is carbonated.

A wrong CO2 content in the beverage could have three causes:

  • Fluctuating beverage offtake of filler cause fluctuating CO2 pressure in the beverage tank and therefore inconstant CO2content in the bottled beverage.
  • A higher pressure in the mixer or carbonator might occur atproduction stop, which leads to an overimpregnation of beverage.
  • Temperature changes caused by beverage water or the readymade syrup influence the impregnation ability of the beverage.

To obtain always a constant CO2 content in the beverage a fast and accurate CO2 impregnation pressure control is neccessitated.

By the ACM Carbocontrol system the vessel pressure and liquid temperature are determined, a CO2 value is calculated and compared to the setpoint value. Via control loop and the fast and highly accurate CO2 dosing valve any deviation is regulated.

The impregnation pressure is fully automatically controlled, and the desired CO2 value is always exactly kept according to the producktion prescription. The requested CO2 content can be set freely. Actual vessel system pressure, beverage temperature and CO2 content are displayed and could be recorded via 4-20 mA outlet.

ACM Carbocontrol keeps always the right impregnation pressure via regulating under pressure by surplus CO2 dosing.

ACM Carbocontrol recognizes overpressure process situations immediately and avoids overimpregnation by actuating the blow out valve.

Via ACM Carbocontrol the impregnation pressure is fully automatically temperature compensated.

Therefore ACM Carbocontrol assures a constant CO2 content in the beverage for all thinkable process situations!

ACM Carbocontrol can easily be installed on every type of mixer or brand.

The sketch displays the full delivery volume of ACM Carbocontrol, consisting of pressure and temperature sensor, control and blow out valve and the user interface incl. control electronics. So far existing usable hardware could be bound in.


Power supply
24 V DC

Pressurised air supply
5 – 7 bar

CO2 pressure range
0 – 10 bar

Temperature range
0 – 100 °C

Control range CO2 (theor.)
0 – 10 g/l CO2

Control range CO2 (real)
1,2 – 10 g/l CO2

Control valve
High speed valve, controlled via 4-20 mA signal

Pressure signal outlet
4-20 mA

Temperature signal outlet
4-20 mA

CO2 valve outlet
4-20 mA

Blow out valve
High speed valve, on/off function via controlled V DC


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