CO2 Measuring Unit CO.20

The CO2 Measuring Unit CO.20 serves the Inline / Online CO2 measurement in the brewery and beverage industry.

The measuring principle is based on the ACM continuous partial pressure method; membrane system. The space after a CO2-permeable silicone membrane, fixed in the front of the measuring chamber, is filled by diffusion CO2 until the chamber pressure reaches the partial pressure of the dissolved CO2 in the liquid. At de- or increasing CO2 concentration in the liquid, the measuring chamber pressure corresponds. By using up to date microprocessor electronics, the current CO2 value is continuously calculated from the determined pressure and temperature values and shown as the actual value in g/l or Vol.

The CO.20 is highly accurate, robust and almost maintenance-free.

There are no moving parts, and a continuous supply of carrier gas is not necessary. The membrane can easily be exchanged; a change once per year is recommended.

ACM CO.20 is fully CIP-able. Longer production stops do not have any impact on the membrane quality. Also there is no need for a gas carrier.

A user unit with 5,7″ graphic display is included. Easy handling by self-explanatory symbol keys.



B 205 x H 360 x T 170 mm

Approx. 4,6 kg (without sensing head), sensing head approx. 1,2 kg

Inline Varivent or bypass

Power supply
24 V DC +/- 20%, 800 mA

Compressed air supply
5 to 7 bar, standard compressed air, dry, oil-free;
Plug connection, diameter 8 mm

Max. nominal pressure
10 bar

Common CIP, up to 130 °C

Measuring range
0 to 10 Vol. resp. 0 to 20 g/l

+/- 0,03 Vol. resp. +/- 0,05 g/l

Repsonse time t90
< 5 sec

Data display
5,7“ graphic display, 320 x 240 px, width 115 x height 85 mm

Output signal
RS485, (0)4-20 mA, Profibus DP and DeviceNet



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