Laserrefractometer LR.14 PS

The new LR.14 PS is optically and electronically based on the ACM Laser refractometer LR.1x, worldwide spread in brewery, beverage, juice and concentrate making industries.

It was developed for applications where quick response time on a change of the measured parameter is needed but not the highest possible accuracy is required, e.g. for separation of water and beverage/beer phases at push-out prior to filler start or flavor change.

Each 1 sec a fresh °BRIX value gives the possibility to lever high benefit potentials!

LR.14 PS is also applied on simple dissolver stations, in the brew house for °PLATO determination during worth cooking/at lauter-tub outlet, any generally in food and waste water applications, or quality monitoring of cutting oil emulsions.

Because of its very compact design LR.14 PS is usable for classic monitoring tasks under
straitened conditions.



Dimensions 205 x 375 x 180 mm

Weight 5.9 kg

Mounting Varivent Inline

Power supply 24 VDC; 0.3 A

Max. nominal pressure ND 10 bar

Cleaning Common CIP, up to 130 °C

Measuring range & accuracies 0-75 °BRIX; +/- 0.1 °BRIX

Data display LCD Graphic display with back-round lighting 4 lines per 12 signs
LED indicator for 4-20 mA loop open or closed

Output signal 4-20 mA incl. system cable for signal outlet and power supply



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