Remote Displays EXDIS

EXDIS – Remote displays for the displaying of measuring data (°BRIX, CO2, cond. etc.) in filling areas big displays are needed. ACM remote display design allows the use in the rough conditions of beverage industry (IP 67).

Several displays can be arranged to form an information centre. The displays are usually placed near the filler or in the laboratory, in order to surveil process data.

ACM DIS.10 For displaying line-relevant information and events in relation to ACM QUATROL systems or for individual readings. Data communication by RS485 interface. Latest blue mode technology, 5,7“ active display sizce, in PVC housing, protection class IP67.

ACM DIS.30 For visualizing of individual line readings in large-size. Direct RS485 communication with all ACM QUATROL systems, and NEW: incl. 4-20 mA inlet! Input scaling and dimensions are freely settable. Covers all display purposes in production process, if a 4-20 mA signal is available. Active display size 290 x 70 mm, in PVC housing, protection class IP67.

ACM DIS.50 External display in new bright VFD technology, extra large display size 470 x 53 mm, in SS housing, protection class IP67. All important line information are displayed. Direct RS485 data communication with all ACM QUATROL systems.




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