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ACM was founded in 1982 as an engineering association.

Our fields of activity are:

Automation of industrial processes, Computer technology for data capture and processing, Measuring systems for process and laboratory .

ACM develops and manufactures the majority of the measuring systems itself. Measurement parameters are Brix, density, original wort, alcohol and dissolved CO2. All user programs and software solutions are proprietary developments. End customer groups are exclusively the beverage, brewery and food industries.

Active sales partners are located in England, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic/Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, Israel, India, Pakistan, Taiwan, Australia and China. Further country representations and OEM partnerships of the company are under construction.

Pioneer spirit

Settlers who enter a new country, mountain climbers who are the first to climb the summit, explorers who open up new knowledge. This drive for innovation is also what drives us at ACM and we see ourselves as pioneers in optical measurement technology. As early as 1995, we took a completely new path in the field of optical measurement technology with the laser refractometer. Today, this measuring method is the most accurate process refractometer worldwide!

Thanks to the cooperation with international universities and specialists we gain our comprehensive know-how.

To the amazement of our competitors, we have always remained true to our motto: Every idea shows a way and it takes courageous people to go it for the first time. It is this pioneering spirit that drives us in our daily work and within a few years has created our market position in the field of non-contact and non-invasive measurement technology with the LAB.CO and the LAB.N2.

Discover how you can use our pioneering spirit for your business.

ACM - Measurement Technology: Produced with the spirit, heart and soul of engineers. Developed and designed in Vienna.

The Future

Measurement technology has come a long way since its beginnings. In particular, it has been further developed in the last 25 years with the introduction of laser technology in the field of optical measurement techniques. For this reason, it is only logical to assume that this area will continue to develop rapidly in the future. In particular, we see new possibilities and areas of application in non-contact measurement technology. 

Testing will increasingly move from the laboratory to the production area.

This change will optimize the mobility, simplicity and flexibility of the devices. In addition, in the near future measurements and measuring procedures will be carried out without human intervention and integrated into the manufacturing process.