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Refractometer LR.10



  • fast measurement
  • CO2 independent


Dimensions: W205 x H375 x D170mm
Net weight: 9,4kg
Assembly: Inline Varivent
Protection class: IP65
Power supply: 24V DC / 300mA
Signal output RS 485 industrial bus, external 4-20 mA, internal 4-20 mA, ProfiBus (S7), ProfiNet (S7), DeviceNet (Allen-Bradley) and EtherNet/IP (Allen-Bradley)
Temperature operating range: from -4 to 100°C
Measuring range: 0 - 30°Brix
Tempertaure range: CIP up to 130°C
Measuring accuracy: +/- 0,002°Brix
Nominal pressure: up to 10bar

Refractometer LR.10

The ACM Refractometer LR.10 is used for the continuous, fast and highly accurate determination of the °BRIX value in soft drinks, dietetic drinks, fruit and vegetable juices as well as for CO2 independent original wort determination from the brewhouse to filling.